FAQ – materials for embroidery – threads, fibers & fabrics

2013_racaire_2Recently I already posted about research & medieval embroidery inspiration and today I will answer another question of one of my dear blog members about my materials for embroidery – my threads, fibers and fabrics. 🙂

The actual question was: “…where do you buy the threads or fibers, and materials that they might have used back then?”.

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FAQ – research & medieval embroidery inspiration – some personal thoughts based on 14years of experience

2013_racaire_2Recently one of my blog members asked me a very simple but also very important question: Where shall she start her research?

Well, though this question seems to be a very simple one, the answer is by far not simple. And I really think that this is actually one of the most simple but also most interesting questions I was ever asked about my work.

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Personal thoughts about hand-sewing and hand-embroidery…

2013_racaire_2After my recent posting with which I started my new “fast and easy pouch tutorial (handsewn)“- I started working at the first step for the second  “Craft with Racaire” project.

Thinking about the new project, about hand-sewing and hand-embroidery, I remembered the problems some people have when it comes to hand-sewing and/or hand-embroidery or when they are just thinking about trying it.…

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Best regards Racaire

FAQ – concerning my new blog – why I restrict content to registered members

Racaire - FAQ - concerning my new blog - why I restrict content to registered membersFAQ – concerning my new blog

No, you don’t need to have a wordpress account – you can still access my new blog without an account and also see a lot of my content.

Due to recent copyright issues, I have elected to protect my efforts and research by creating a more secure format.

After I took down my blog completely I was contacted by multiple viewers and asked to start blogging again and they proposed a membership system. I liked this idea of posting in a protected environment because it will prevent my content from further copyright issues as well as any further information and tutorials I am going to post in the future.

A membership on my page contributes to the maintenance of my new blog as well as physical materials for examples of technique and different textiles used as example. This also allows me to add content at a faster pace.

Best regards Racaire