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Wedding cloak project – 2 embroidered patches from Ireland

Patches from Ireland - embroidered by Hilkka Susinen
Two patches from Ireland / Europe.
Embroidered by Hilkka Susinen

It’s time for some awesome embroidered patches!

You remember the fun-project
“Patches for Racaires
12th century wedding
dress project”

I have really great news!
I already got two wonderful embroidered patches for my wedding cloak! 😀

By courtesy of Hilkka Susinen I may show you the pictures of the very first 2 embroidered patches. This beautiful patches were sent to me from Ireland – embroidered by my dear friend Hilkka.

About the artisan:

  • Name: Hilkka Susinen
  • From: Shire of Eplaheimr / Principality of Insulae Draconis / Kingdom of Drachenwald (for non SCA members: Shire of Eplaheimr -> Ireland (British Isles) / Principality of Insulae Draconis -> England / Drachenwald -> Europe, south Africa,…)
  • Household: she is a member of House Wolf / Viscount Sigmundr’s Household

…and now the pictures of her beautifully embroidered patches – aren’t they lovely?

Patch #1 - by Hilkka Susinen
Patch #1 from Ireland / Europe – embroidered by Hilkka Susinen
Patch #2 - by Hilkka Susinen
Patch #2 from Ireland / Europe – embroidered by Hilkka Susinen

Though I tried my best to take some good photos for you with the help of natural sunlight, I think that the pictures just don’t do justice to her lovely embroidery. The vibrant colors she used look much better in real.

As far as I remember, Hilkka and I met the very first time at an SCA event in England – at Rhaglan Fayre.
If you ever make it to England (or Insulae Draconis as the local SCAdians call it) you should definitely consider this event if it is possible for you to attend. This event is a really great camping event in an awesome scenery – Raglan Castle. …and well, as a bonus you also get to know interesting lords and ladies like Hilkka.

I have to admit that when she showed me her embroidery for the very first time I already fell in love with her lovely and petite embroidery style. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that she sent me two patches for my cloak. 😀

Thank you very much Hilkka! 

Best regards Racaire