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12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon – sneak peek.17 – Feet! Saint Michaels feet are finished! ;)

12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon – sneak peek.15 – second layer of Saint Michaels garment finished

Again new progress concerning my “12th century embroidery – Saint Michael and the Dragon” project. 😀

It took some hours but now I am very happy to say that I just finished Saint Michaels feet! Woohoo!
He has feet now! Little, cute, hand embroidered feet… *lol* 😉

…and here the picture of my new progress for you – enjoy! 😀

…and as you can see on the picture above, I not only finished his feet. During the last two days I also made really good progress concerning the yellow border at the bottom. It just took some hours of embroidery – many, many hours… 😉

…and for you, I have again a close up picture of my new Split Stitch progress:

…I think I will now continue with his hand and sleeve on the left side and his long cloak. Yeah, there is still some way to go, or well – to embroider… *giggle* 😉

Best regards Racaire

PS.: If you would like to read more about the period 12th century inspiration for the design, embroidery technique,… then please read my first posting about this project:
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PPS.: I added the new page “Interesting 12th century Museum Catalogues” to the “Book” section. You can find this section and the new page in the top header menu.

PPPS.: During the last days I updated the “12th century embroidery (& period inspiration)” page in the “Premium” section. Besides some other changes, I also added the Hunterian psalter link from my last posting to the 12th century inspiration link collection at the bottom of the page. You can access this page via the drop down menu underneath the point “Premium” in the header menu.