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male 13th century tunic for the “12th century wedding clothing project” .5 – sneak peek at the sleeve embroidery :D

2015-01 Racaire 13th century tunic embroidery - sleeve embroidery for 12th century wedding clothingDuring the last days I was very busy working at the sleeve embroidery for the 13th century under tunic for my sweetheart. And it totally payed off –  the embroidery of the major pattern on both sleeves is already finished and ready to be filled. Wooohooo! 😀

I am very happy with the rather fast progress and the overall look of the sleeve embroidery so far. Yes, I admit it, I really like the sparkle of this golden thread on the white linen though I still prefer silver over gold for myself. But well, my sweetheart prefers gold…

Now I have to fill the empty roundels to make the embroidery “complete”. And because I am new to the “Kingdom of Meridies“, my husband already printed out the pictures of his SCA awards for me to prevent me from embroidering the wrong symbols. 🙂

And finally let’s get to what you are waiting for – a picture of the most recent progress of the sleeve embroidery. Enjoy! 😀


I had to make many stitches again but I think it’s totally worth it! The gold thread sparkles beautifully in the light and gives the simple pattern a “certain something”. And best of all, it seems to me like the eyes of my sweetheart sparkle even more than the gold thread when he looks at his new 13th century under tunic. *giggle*

And what next? Well, I think I will start with the embroidery of the shells for his “Compostella” SCA award next. The shell design is rather simple but also a little bit tricky – you know, I don’t like wasting lovely embroidery thread or unnecessary extra work. However, I already have a good idea for a very elegant and efficient solution and promise to take photos for you! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the most recent progress of my sleeve embroidery and can’t wait to show you more progress soon! Shells, shells, shells… 😀

Best regards Racaire