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Short side note – Cleos new “cat sewing basket”… ;)

Racaires cat Cleo in the basketI know, many of you are cat and/or Cleo fans and I haven’t posted a photo of Cleo for a long time now. …but today I have one for you again…

While packing my stuff for the move to the states I decided to give my “sewing basket” to Cleo. I knew that she really likes it. She always used every chance to get inside it…

…and what happened? …you can find her every day sleeping in her new beloved cat sewing basket now. Well, at least when she doesn’t decide that it is time for snuggling… 😉


Yeah, this is her usual face when she lies in her new basket. I think she is suspicious that I might take it back if she doesn’t occupy it as often as she can… *lol*

Btw. I was already asked if I would bring Cleo with me to the states. Well, even if my heart hurts, I decided that this wouldn’t be good for her. She will stay in Austria, Vienna, in her home and with a person she loves and knows as much as she loves and knows me – without all the trouble of a long flight… Furthermore she is already 8 years old and a cat which isn’t used to other animals. I don’t think that she would get along with my sweethearts dog Honeybear and his cat Mommy…

Well, I think you can imagine that this was not an easy decision but I wanted to focus on what is good for her and not what I would like to do with her… But I have also good news for the cat fans among you. I have about 8 years of cute cat photos on my tablet now and I think I will repost some of the best Cleo pics from time to time for your amusement… 🙂

Best regards Racaire