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Cleo again or another “cat trap” that works… ;)

Cleo again - "the working cat trap" ;)Yesterday I got a great book. Well, no, I got one of the best books about medieval textiles and embroidery ever….

*very very happy dance* 😀

…and it seems that by leaving the paper and the cardboard covering on the couch, I set up another great working “cat trap”. Yeah, not only boxes work… 😉

I thought you might enjoy the photos of Cleo seizing the paper and the cardboard covering of the new book I fetched from the mail office. She looks just too cute on the photos – I really had to share them. 😀

I am sure you would also like to know which book I got yesterday. Because I don’t want to tantalize you – this is the awesome new book I got per mail:

“Mittelalterliche Textilien
in Kirchen und Klöstern der Schweiz”

I will try to post about it soon but if you would like to take a sneak peek at the book in advance, you can find it here: “Mittelalterliche Textilien in Kirchen und Klostern der Schweiz” “Mittelalterliche Textilien in Kirchen und Klostern der Schweiz”

…and now back to our cute Cleo – I have another two cute pics of her for you:


*lol* She is so cute, isn’t she… 😉
…and the book is awesome too – but more about it soon… 🙂

Best regards Racaire