Working at my 12th century “Saint Michael and the Dragon” banner

Racaire - 2014 - Michael and the dragon - 12th century embroidery - hand embroidery - SCASome embroidery projects take more time than others until they finally get finished and my 12th century inspired “Saint Michael and the Dragon” embroidery was such an embroidery project.

I already finished the 12th century inspired “Saint Michael and the Dragon” embroidery in the summer of 2014. Though I really liked the finished embroidery, it laid dormant in one of my project boxes ever since…

Well, this long waiting time was not really the result of my personal laziness, as I am constantly working at least one project. I simply wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. And then, at the beginning of this year, I had an epiphany. This “small” 12th century embroidery would make a perfect small banner for my living room! 😀

But you know me, to create just a simple banner would be a far too easy project for my taste. Therefore I started thinking about how I could make my small banner more versatile as I also wanted to be able to use it as a room decoration or in front of my tent at future SCA events. The solution for this problem was a quite easy one – I also needed to make a nice looking backside! 🙂

…and now let’s take a look at how I turned my 12th century inspired “Saint Michael and the Dragon” embroidery into a versatile banner. …or shall I call it a small wallhanging? However, please enjoy the progress pictures! 😀

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It is always great to reach a point where you can already imagine how the project might look like when it is finished. What shall I say, I was quite pleased with the look of my “Saint Michael and the Dragon” banner at this point.

…and more about the next steps for my “Saint Michael and the Dragon” banner project in my next posting… 😀

Best regards Racaire

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