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    …cat is watching…

    How do you find out that your cat is watching you? Well, sometimes it can be very easy, especially when you get this odd feeling that someone is starring at you… *lol* *lol* I really can’t work like this! *lol* Could you? 😉

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    Cleo again or another “cat trap” that works… ;)

    Yesterday I got a great book. Well, no, I got one of the best books about medieval textiles and embroidery ever…. *very very happy dance* 😀 …and it seems that by leaving the paper and the cardboard covering on the couch, I set up another great working “cat trap”. Yeah, not only boxes work… 😉 I thought you might enjoy the photos of Cleo seizing the paper and the cardboard covering of the new book I fetched from the mail office. She looks just too cute on the photos – I really had to share them. 😀

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    Short side note – Cleos new “cat sewing basket”… ;)

    I know, many of you are cat and/or Cleo fans and I haven’t posted a photo of Cleo for a long time now. …but today I have one for you again… While packing my stuff for the move to the states I decided to give my “sewing basket” to Cleo. I knew that she really likes it. She always used every chance to get inside it… …and what happened? …you can find her every day sleeping in her new beloved cat sewing basket now. Well, at least when she doesn’t decide that it is time for snuggling… 😉

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    14th century French Pouch .1 – sneak peek progress .4

    Yes, I know that my helpful little cat Cleo(patra) has her own fans and yes, I know that you miss the photos I posted of her during the last years. …and I have great news for all the cat fans among you – I put all photos of Cleo on my tablet and during the next weeks and months I will go through this photo albums and find the most cutest pics for you and share them… I promise! 😀