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More Klosterstich embroidery for needle books – sneak peek .2

2014 Racaire embroidery for needle books - medieval embroidery technique - Klosterstich - hand embroidery…and after yesterdays small “Klosterstich embroidery for needle books” I again have a new embroidery for you today.

I really think that period inspired embroidery for needle books really doesn’t need to be boring.

Therefore here a new 14th century inspired flower embroidery for you – enjoy! 😀


Todays flower is inspired by the white small flowers which I already used for my Malterer wallhanging – here a picture of my inspiration for you:

As you can see – I just altered them a little bit but the shape is rather similar.

Btw. when you look at the original white flowers of the Malterer tapestry* you will see that there is a small difference concerning the shape. The shape of the white flowers of the extant 14th century embroidery is slightly different in relation to the shape which I used on my version of the Malterer tapestry. I already drafted the shape of the white flowers to a form which I found more pleasing when I drew the outlines for the embroidery of my wallhanging.

*= If you scroll down a little on the Wikipedia page and click on the picture of the whole Malterer tapestry at the bottom of the article, a new page with a picture of the tapestry will appear. At this new page you can find a small icon in the right bottom corner. When you click at it, it will take you to another page with the original picture of the tapestry used in the Wikipedia article. And when you finally click on the tapestry picture at this page, a bigger picture of the tapestry will finally open where you can see the details much better. You might like to download this picture to your hard disc for your personal purpose. 🙂

Yes, I know, the “good pics” are often hard to find unless you know where to search for them. 😀

…and again more Klosterstich embroidery for needle books tomorrow – I promise… 😀

Best regards Racaire