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More Klosterstich embroidery for needle books – sneak peek .1

More Klosterstich embroidery for needle books - sneak peek .1 - medieval embroidery technique - cloister stitch - hand embroideryThe Klosterstich embroidery technique is one of my favorite embroidery techniques. As some of you might remember, I always tremendously enjoy working at projects which involve this technique.

Therefore it’s no wonder that I enjoyed working at my recent needle books with Klosterstich embroidery so much that I decided to embroider more small patches  and to sew more needle books. Furthermore I also have the feeling that my “Travel & Largesse Fund” is still much too empty for my personal taste. I definitely need to make more small gifts. 🙂

This is why I again started working at small patches with Klosterstich embroidery and I already have one more Klosterstich embroidery for needle books I can show you – a medieval 14th century rose – enjoy! 😀


Btw. the picture above shows the embroidery much bigger than it actually is but I think this is a good way to show you all the small details of my embroidery. The fillings of the single sections are done in Klosterstich and I again decided to use Stem Stitch for the the outlines. You can see that the smaller the section is, the more difficult it gets to make the filling look smooth and perfect.

Some of you will remember this rather easy 14th century rose pattern from previous projects. I used it quite often for my Klosterstich embroidery projects in the past. It is so simple and beautiful that I just can’t get enough of it.

As soon as I find some time I will draw down the pattern of this 14th century rose and for the 16th century inspired Fleur de lis for you. Unfortunately my MacBook seems to be somehow reluctant when it comes to producing PDF files in US letter format – might take some time till I get my computer to accept the new format but I am working at it. Now that I am living in the USA it anyway has get used to it and me too… 😉

More Klosterstich embroidery for needle books tomorrow – I promise… 😀

Best regards Racaire