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Happy New Year! :D

2016-01_RacaireI hope you all enjoyed a beautiful christmas with family and friends
and wish you a happy new year!

As you can see on the picture above, my husband and I made a short trip down to Florida to celebrate this christmas with family and friends in the south – and it was awesome!

I was introduced to the very interesting game “Cards against humanity”, ate deep-fried turkey for the very first time (yeah, sounds kinda odd but is nevertheless very delicious) and my sweetheart even got the chance for a short fighter practice (SCA Heavy Fighting) with our dear friend Lex… Damn, you guys down south really know how to throw a party and to keep your guests busy! Needless to say that I already miss you all tremendously!

And back up north in Kentucky again we also had a great new years eve. With some dear friends we celebrated the end of the old year and the arrival of the new one as good as possible. If it is true that the new year will proceed similar to how you started it, we have to expect a lot of laughter, friendship, good food and fire works which go off where you at least expect it… Yeah, I had to apologize to the neighbors on the right side on the next day… 😉

Btw. short funny note at the side – I made a cheesecake for new years eve and totally forgot to serve it… yeah, *sigh*, I am really getting old it seems… Needless to say that my husband absolutely doesn’t have a problem with this fact as he now has a whole cheesecake for himself… or at least so he thinks… 😉

…and back to my projects – I am hand sewing a very basic white underdress at the moment. Well, this project is far from special or spectacular but I really need an underdress for my new blue 12th century silk wedding dress as I have far too little clothing for a long camping event like the upcoming Gulf Wars (a great SCA event) in March.

However, I took enough pictures of my husbands christmas present to keep you busy while I am working at this new underdress project. As I already prepared the pictures for the next posting about my sweethearts grey light-wool 12th century tunic, I might start working at the new posting tomorrow…

Therefore: Happy New Year & keep on crafting my friends!

Best regards Racaire