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Snow & electronic devices… *sigh*

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01Well, I am normally not a big fan of new years resolutions but I decided to post more often and also more about my mundane life in the future. And instead of going for short wall posts on my facebook page I thought it might actually be helpful to express my thoughts here in a far more complex way… I hope it might make it easier for me to write and post in English as I am still not completely comfortable with it, though my husband ensures me that my English is getting better and has actually already improved a lot. 🙂

After the last weeks of extraordinary warm and pleasing temperatures, the winter finally reached our southern part of Kentucky and covered everything with a beautiful layer of snow. Well, as I don’t need to drive anyway, I find it quite beautiful though some of my friends might find it quite annoying – especially on their way to and from work… However, please drive careful! 🙂

But I still made a rather unpleasing discovery today. Though my beloved Acer Iconia tablet is ok, my charging device decided to separate itself from the charging cord today… Which left me with a tablet with just 19% battery. Really? You do that to me?! *sigh*

With the help of a good friend and my husband I finally managed to find a new charging device for a rather reasonable price and ordered it. The website gives about 2 weeks for delivery time but I hope that it will arrive earlier as I really need to charge my tablet. However, I decided to spend about 2% of my remaining battery life to prepare the pictures for tomorrows posting. And now, that the posting is nearly finished and just awaits a last proof-reading after some relaxing sleep, I think that the 2% were well invested.

I still didn’t find the time to look through the pictures of the fighter practice in Florida after christmas but as we are (hopefully) going to another SCA event this week – Menhir – I hope that I will have more than enough pictures on my DSLR after the event to make it worthwhile to connect my camera to my computer – at least both of them and their chargers haven’t forsaken me yet.

Well, I say “hopefully” as the weather forecast for this weekend predicts a heavy winter storm with a lot of snow but I really need to go – I have a finished scroll assignment to deliver. And I really can’t wait to show you pictures of the new scroll as it is quite different from what I normally do. Not even to mention how much my husband is looking forward to participate in the fighting at Menhir… *sigh*

Well, we will see. However, please keep your fingers crossed for rather good weather and drive careful! 🙂

And now I will do a little bit more hand sewing for my new purple 12th century dress – after working at the next posting and all my little troubles today, I really need a treat.
…and more tea and chocolate – chocolate is always good, isn’t it… 😀

Best regards Racaire