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14th century hood for a friend – 5th rose finished! :)

2016-11 - Racaire - Talinas 14th century hood - 5th rose embroidery finished - hand embroidery - Surface couching - SCAWooohooo! I am very glad to say that I just finished another embroidered rose for my friends 14th century hood project!

Recently I was quite busy with other projects – like sewing a hood for our beautiful Queen Oda and painting a shield for my husband for the Meridian Crown Tournament – but whenever I found some idle time inbetween, I continued working on the roses for my friends 14th century hood. And it finally paid off – though it seemed to take forever, the 5th rose  is finally finished too! 

I already posted about the new shield which I painted for my husband but due to my own forgetfulness you might have to wait for a picture of the finished hood for the Queen. Yeah, I admit it, I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished hood. *lol* However, I have some pictures of my work at the liripipe and the daggings…

But that’s a completely different story – let’s take a look at the 5 roses which I have finished so far – enjoy! 😀


And here a picture of my rolling (embroidery) frame from above:


As you can see on the picture above, I am using the upper right corner of the basic fabric to store the needles I am working with. As I am working with at about 4 needles for this project – 1 thicker needle for the gold thread and 3 very thin needles for the silk threads – storing them directly with the embroidery frame makes quite some sense for me as I am prone to losing my needles. Especially when I am working at the small leaves which are a combination of two different green colored silk threads… Though the needles on the picture are not threaded, most times they still contain the left over thread which I just used for a section or surface couching – ready whenever I need them again…

And here a picture of the fifth rose for you:


And now I just need to finish at least another rose for the hood before I can start with applying them… 🙂

Best regards Racaire