…my medieval islamic inspired embroidery project – from the medieval inspiration to an actual pattern or “an interesting journey” .1

Today we’re taking another close look at my very first medieval islamic inspired embroidery project – the OvO pouch for Gloria, my dear mother-in-law.

The path which starts with the initial inspiration and finally leads to the finished project is not always easy. Sometimes one has to follow a quite difficult way and get rid of one obstacle after another. And yes, this project was one of those not quite so easy ones and sent me on an interesting journey…

Though it can be quite demanding at times, I normally don’t consider it a difficult task to turn a medieval inspiration into an actual pattern and finally into a finished embroidery. But this project was quite different. I already had to tackle two major problems at the very beginning of the project...

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…and that was how I tackled my very first problem with Ahmad’s help – an actual medieval Arabic inscription for my special medieval islamic inspired embroidery project. 

In retrospective I think this was one of the reasons why I didn’t take on this embroidery project for so long though I really had it on my inspiration list for quite some time now. But sometimes one just gets the right reason to tackle a certain problem – or well, many problems like in this case. And more about the medieval islamic embroidery technique in my next posting about this project. Stay tuned my friends… 😀

Best regards Racaire…and here you can find more postings about this special project:

Gloria’s OvO pouch with medieval islamic inspired embroidery 

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