My 14th century XL hood sample – playing with my new gold threads :)

2015-07 - Racaire - 14th century XL hood sample - playing with my new gold thread - medieval embroidery - hand embroideryJust as I finished sewing my 14th century XL hood sample I received a wonderful gift from my mommy Sandra in the mail: awesome silver and gold threads!

Well, you can imagine what that means – play time and a lot fun for me! There was absolutely no doubt that I had to try out this lovely threads immediately so I could report back about the threads to my mom.

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My 14th century XL hood sample – the finished hood sample & some information about my hood pattern…

2015-07-Racaire-my-14th-century-XL-hood-sample-14th-century-hood-pattern-enlarged-hand-sewingDo you remember the 14th century XL hood pattern about which I told you recently?

Well, then I have some great news for you! I managed to finish the hand-sewing part of my 14th century XL hood before “A Midsummer Day’s Brawl” – an SCA event in Tennessee last weekend and I took my finished XL sample hood with me to the event for a fitting.

Though my friend – for whom I drafted this pattern – and I were quite busy at the event, we managed to find some time where he was able to try on the 14th century XL sample hood and guess what! …it fits fine! *happydance*

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