12th century embroidery & period inspiration

1) “Fragment” of a Wallhanging

12th_century_Fragment-eines-WandbehangesTime: ca. 1160 / 70
Germany / Niedersachsen (Halberstadt?)

Technique: Split Stitch & Stem Stitch (according to the museum catalogue)
Materials: Silk embroidery on linen (according to the museum information)
Height: 118.5 cm – Width: 120 cm

On display at: Bode museum in Berlin
This wallhanging is part of the “Schätze des Glaubens” (treasuries of faith) exhibition which shows “Meisterwerke aus dem Dom-Museum Hildesheim und dem Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin” (masterpieces from the cathedral-museum Hildesheim and the applied arts museum Berlin). You can also find it in the Online Museum Collection of the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin: Fragment mit Szenen aus dem Leben Christi, Wandbehang


A nice picture of this wallhanging can be found in the museum catalogue about the exhibition “Schätze des Glaubens” at page 85 and some information about the wallhanging at page 84 in German. This museum catalogue is available at:
Amazon.com: Schätze des Glaubens
Amazon.de: Schätze des Glaubens

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Further misc. 12th century inspiration

  • Tapestry detail – “Saint Michael and the dragon
    The information provided about this tapestry by the blog A Polar Bear’s Tale:
    “St. Michael, detail from Abraham and the Archangel Michael, Lower Saxony,
    mid-12th century; in Halberstadt Cathedral, Germany, original source: here

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