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Needle books with 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery worked in Klosterstich – sneak peek .1

2014 Racaire - medieval embroidery Klosterstich / cloister stitch needle bookAbout 2 years ago, during my very first stay in the states, I gave away some hand embroidered needle books as gifts to interesting people which I met on my journey.

I was told that this needle books were highly appreciated and became treasured and loved items of their owners. Well, what shall I say, this kind of message is always a great balm for the soul of an artisan. 🙂

But recently I made an awful discovery – I somehow run out of small embroidered gifts and unfortunately didn’t restock them till now. Well, I decided that this terrible situation was not bearable any longer and had to be altered as soon as possible. Therefore I started working at some new needle books to restock my “Travel & Largesse Fund” stock. It is just too much fun to make such small gifts and it is even more fun to give them away and to see the pleased look on the face of the presentee.

Furthermore I also run into a picture of a beautiful 14th century fleur de lis and immediately thought that this would make a beautiful pattern for a new embroidery. I ask you, can you think of better reasons for some finger exercise and Klosterstich / cloister stitch embroidery? Well, you know, not only calligraphy needs practise. 😉

And here a sneak peek of my latest Klosterstich embroidery for my needle book project – enjoy! 😀


This Fleur de lis are inspired by a picture which I recently found on Wikipedia: Albarello fleur-de-lys Louvre UCAD4288. It is so adorable, isn’t it. 🙂

When I saw this photo and the fleur de lis, I had a certain kind of feeling which “hits” me from time to time. I guess you know this kind of feeling – some people tend to call it “love at first sight”. It is this very special feeling when you see something and immediately know that you want it or at least know what you want/have to do with it. *lol* It might sound odd to you but the picture with this fleur de lis was definitely “speaking” to me. I suddenly knew that I have to turn this lovely 14th century fleur de lis into an embroidery. And there was definitely no doubt for me about this.

Btw. if you like this fleur the lis pattern then I have great news for you. Based on a special request of one of my dear blog members I decided to create my very first PDF file with a “pattern” drawing for you soon. This 14th century fleur de lis pattern will “make the beginning” – as we tend to say here in Austria – and I will add more patterns soon.
This “pattern” drawings are dedicated to all of you who are not comfortable with drawing their embroidery patterns free hand. I will try my best to get my European laptop to produce PDFs in the US letter format that you can print out and collect the pattern drawings in a ring binder if you like. 😀

Well, there are so many projects and just so little time at the moment but I definitely need to finish more needle books for my “Travel & Largesse Fund”… 🙂

Best regards Racaire