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male 13th century tunic for the “12th century wedding clothing project” .9 – bottom hemline embroidery finished :D

2015-01 Racaire 13th century tunic embroidery - neckline embroidery for 12th century wedding clothingAnd again a new update concerning the 13th century under tunic for my sweetheart – it took many working hours and little stitches but the bottom hemline embroidery is finished! *happydance*

Well, the embellishment is quite simple but the bottom hemline looks much more appealing with this extra sparkle. I think you can say that it adds a certain “je-ne-sais-quoi”. 😉

 …especially since I plan to make the dark blue silk over-tunic for his wedding garment as long as the under tunic. There is a really good chance that you might see a glimpse at the linen under tunic and the golden hemline embroidery from time to time. Wooohooo! Sparkle for the win! 😉

But let’s take a look at the nice sparkle of the hemline embroidery – enjoy! 😀


Yeah, as you can imagine, it took quite some time to couch the thread to the rather long hemline. Well, I guess that’s the price one has to pay for a quite tall husband with muscles and belly, isn’t it. But I love him and love let’s us do crazy things like that… 😉

…and I have to admit that I already started working like crazy at his dark blue silk over-tunic. I literally hand-sewed away the last nights and already made a good progress concerning the over-tunic.

Unfortunately the dark blue silk is not very photogenic – especially at night, when I tend to work at it and remember that I should take some photos for you. The photos I took till now of the sewing progress didn’t turn out very well, therefore I will try to take some really nice photos for you as soon as I get some sunlight in my sewing room during the next days – I promise! 😀

Now, that the hemline embroidery of my sweethearts 13th century under-tunic is finished, you can call this part of his 12th century garment accomplished! But I know, you would like to see the whole tunic and my husband wearing it. Well, I am working at it! …and there is a good chance that I get a photo of him wearing it this weekend. 🙂

Best regards Racaire


  • Sandra Popek

    You did a EXCELLENT jOB!!!!! my daughter Truly a PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!

    Love Mom

    • Racaire

      Thank you very much mommy! 😀 <3
      I am very glad you like it and your lovely gold thread looks great on my husbands new under tunic. Unfortunately the artificial light doesn't show the lovely sparkle of the thread but I will try to get some better photos of it soon. 😀