Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework is back – a new year & fresh beginning…

Racaire in front of the "Germanische National Museum" in Nürnberg/Germany

Racaire in front of the “Germanische National Museum” in Nürnberg/Germany

Happy Valentine day to you! 😀

I thought this special day would be perfect for the fresh re-beginning of “Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework”.

Yes, like some of you might have already noticed, my blog – Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework – was down for some time. After nearly 9 years of blogging with ca. 2.300 postings, it was time for a fresh beginning. A new beginning with a “virgin” blog and the possibility to protect my photos/ work/ research from further misuse.

Well, already about 4-5 years ago I started to run into my work/photos at other blogs and websites without references and/or links back to me at a rather regular basis and even worse cases of misuse…

The misuse of my knowledge, my works, my handouts and my pictures by others without my permission did hurt me deeply. Based on my experience in the past I decided to divide my blog into several sections.

I used my “time-out” to build up a new empty “Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework” blog with a membership system behind it. That means that you will still be able to see some of my content – just not all the project related photos, close-up-photos, links, tutorials, free PDFs,… if you are not a member of my blog.

…like the 3 PDFs I recently finished – 2 PDFs with basic embroidery technique overviews for medieval embroidery which focus mainly on the stitches accompanied by some embroidered examples from my personal embroidery portfolio. I started with technique tutorials for Klosterstich and Refilsaum. I also revisited and restyled the PDF with my first German Brick Stitch pattern. All 3 PDFs are in American “letter” format – meant to be printed and collected in a ring binder if someone wishes to do so.

Yes, a new year, a new blog, a fresh beginning – therefore let me introduce myself to you first, before I post something about my embroidery:

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