Working at my third tablet woven band…

2016-04 - Racaire - 3rd tablet woven band - silk garters - tablet weaving - SCA - silk threadI was never really keen on tablet weaving but recently I had the feeling like I had to start another tablet woven band. And, well, therefore I started my third tablet woven band ever… 🙂

It is really odd – sometimes I feel a sudden urge to create something special even if it means that I have to pick up a craft I normally don’t do or to learn something new. This feeling can be so overwhelming that I have no other possibility than to follow my gut feeling and to start creating…
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My new tablet weaving loom & my 2nd try of weaving with tablets :)


*Wow* Yesterday I was out with my sister Martina and she had an awesome gift for me – a tablet weaving loom!
Many thanks to my sister for this lovely loom – I will do my best to cherish it! *happydance* 😀

I really liked and adored her tablet weaving loom for quite some time in secret and when I told her that yesterday, she replied to me that I can have it… *omg* *happydance* …now her pretty baby is mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! *lol* 😉

…and a picture of my new “baby” – my pretty new tablet weaving loom – isn’t it pretty? 😀 

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