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Racaire-scroll-2012Following you will find some of my personal “calligraphy cheating sheets” and other helpful links & sources for your personal and noncommercial use.

The “calligraphy cheating sheets” are PDF-files in US letter format.

Please feel free to download them and to print them out for your personal calligraphy projects.

Have fun! 🙂

Batarde / Bastarda hand:

My Batarde / Bastarda “calligraphy cheating sheets”:

  1. for “big letters” (1,8 MB)
  2. for “special big letters” (1,2 MB)
  3. for “small letters” (Caution! 6,3 MB)
  4. for “special small letters” (1,8 MB)
  5. for “numbers,…” (785 KB)

Misc. online shops:

Many thanks to my friends Augusta and Tom for the recommendation of this online shops.

Best regards Racaire