Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 4.1 – Pouch drawstring & how to attach a tassel to the drawstring :D

Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Tassels & pouch drawstringI am very excited! After all the detailed photo tutorials for this project, we finally reached the very last step of the fast and easy pouch tutorial.

…and yes, also this posting is again about tassels. They are (and will always be) one of my favorite medieval embellishments – especially when it comes to embroidered pouches. 😀

How I made the tassels for the bottom of the pouch was already the topic of the last posting. In the following photo tutorial you can read about the handling of the drawstrings for this pouch. In addition you will also see how I attached the tassel securely to the drawstring.

Todays motto is:
“Pouch drawstring & how to attach a tassel to the drawstring”

Like always in life, there is more than just one way to do something. And there are several ways to attach a “fast and easy tassel” to the bottom of a pouch, a cord or a drawstring...

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I hope you enjoyed todays new tassel tutorial. This way you can create a nice tassel at the end of your pouch drawstring which looks good and doesn’t fall off when you accidentally pull at it. 🙂

With this last posting the fast and easy pouch tutorial is finally finished. 😀

Best regards Racaire

You can find all postings about this project in the category:
Craft with Racaire – #2 fast & easy pouch

Short overview of the postings till now:
Step 1) Fast and easy pouch tutorial & how to work with “rapports”

This posting explains how to calculate the needed fabric for the easy pouch tutorial. I also added some extra information: “how to work with rapports” (repeating patterns).
Step 1.1) Hand sewing stitches: Running Stitch…
This posting is an in-depth description of the first and most basic hand-sewing stitch you will need for this tutorial – the Running Stitch.
Step 1.2) Hand sewing stitches: Back Stitch (and Stem Stitch)…
Another in-depth description of a basic and helpful hand-sewing stitch you will need for this technique – the Running Stitch.
Step 2) Hand sewing the sides
Here you can find a detailed step-by-step photo tutorial about how I hand sew the sides of the “fast and easy pouch”. It includes all important basic steps for this process including the pinning, how to start with the sewing, how to secure your thread from slipping,…
Step 2.1) Hand sewing the corners
Another detailed step-by-step photo tutorial that shows you how to hand sew the nice pointy pouch corners of your fast and easy pouch.
Step 2.2) 
How to start a new thread & hide it…
Here you can see how I start a new thread while I am working at a seam finishing and how I hide the beginning of the new thread as well as the end of the old thread inside the seam.
Step 3.1) Hand sewing the top – pinning
This posting is about how I pinned the top of the pouch for the final hand sewing.
Step 3.2) Hand sewing – how to start a new thread & hide it .2 🙂
Sounds similar to “Step 2.2” above but is very different – in this step-by-step tutorial you can see how I start and hide a new thread in an already finished seam.
Step 3.3) Chain Stitch and how to use it for hand sewing
Another in-depth description of a basic embroidery technique – the Chain Stitch.
Step 3.4) Chain Stitch and how to use it for decorative hand sewing
This step-by-step photo tutorial shows the practical application of the Chain Stitch for decorative hand sewing as described in Step 3.3 above.*
Step 3.5) Chain Stitch & how to start a new thread
This detailed photo tutorial explains how to start a new thread while you are using Chain Stitch for decorative hand sewing (or embroidery).
Step 3.6) Last seam finishing for the pouch 🙂
This tutorial explains all steps which are needed to finish the last seam finishing and the top part of the pouch.
Step 4) Tassels! Tassels! Tassels!
A detailed step-by-step photo tutorial which shows how I made the tassels for the bottom of the fast and easy pouch.

* You can find an example of Chain Stitch used for a medieval inspired embroidery project here: 14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe & decorative chain stitch embroidery

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