More German Brick Stitch embroidery – Needle Roll 2 & 3 finished :D

Racaire - German Brick Stitch - Needle Roll 2 & 3 finished

You maybe remember my first “Craft with Racaire” project #1. The needle roll tutorial with German Brick Stitch embroidery which I recently posted.

I was very pleased with my new German Brick Stitch pattern and the finished embroidery for the first needle roll. Furthermore I also tremendously enjoyed working with the beautiful new silk/wool thread I just got from the yarn shop.

Like always, this are more then enough great reasons for me to became playful and creative. This time I decided to play around with my German Brick Stitch pattern #2 and to try out two new pattern ideas I had on my mind. The German Brick Stitch pattern #2 is already a simplified version of my German Brick Stitch pattern #1 and both new pattern ideas are based on this simplified German Brick Stitch pattern #2.

Though I just finished the embroidery for my 14th century French pouch commission, I was not able to proceed with the assembling of the pouch before I had all needed materials together, pre-washed and ironed. Preparing the materials for the pouch commission, I wanted to work at some embroidery. That was the moment when I remembered that I had some embroidery – well, this German Brick Stitch embroidery – still waiting to be turned into needle rolls and I decided to get back to this embroidered bands and to assemble the needle rolls…

…and like always, I have some pictures for you – enjoy! :D

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Medieval Embroidery Basics – how to start a new thread / “sew in the thread” :)

Racaire 2012 - Meridien Grand Tourney - MGT - Kingdom of MeridiesI normally don’t care much about the “basic” techniques I use because… Well, actually there is no because – I “just”use them. Though they come rather natural to me, it seems like they are not so basic to others like I thought.

While I was chatting with a member of my blog about my recent tutorials, I was rather surprised to get to know that what I considered “common” knowledge was rather new to her.

Therefore I decided for the future also to take a look at my simple and basic steps and to share them from time to time. I am starting today by adding the new category “Basic” to my blog and by writing my first posting about one way to start a new thread. That’s pretty basic, isn’t it.

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Craft with Racaire – Project #1 – Step 4 – medieval finishing technique for the border :)

Seam treatment at the border - RacaireOk, first we started with some embroidery and embroidered a nice “stripe” of fabric using a medieval embroidery technique – “German Brick Stitch” for our very first “Craft with Racaire” project – a small embroidered needle-roll.

…and yesterday I showed you in my detailed photo tutorial how to assemble the needle-roll.

Today I put together another very detailed photo tutorial for you. In this photo tutorial I will show you a nice medieval (or like some people like to call it: “period”) technique for the seam treatment at the borders. Continue reading

Craft with Racaire – Project #1 – Step 3 – basic assembling of the needle-roll

Welcome to step 3.1 of my first project for “Craft with Racaire” – this time we assemble the needle-roll.

In my opinion needle-rolls are a perfect little gift for everyone who uses needles in one way or another. Years ago I got my very first needle roll from my dear friend Gunnhild from Hamburg. It already shows several signs of usage because I took it with me wherever I travelled. To Germany, Finland, England, Sweden and even to the USA. This lovely small needle roll still contains all my sewing and embroidery needles and reminds me of my friend and the events we both went to…

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Sneak Peak – Craft with Racaire – Needle-roll #1

2014-02-26_12_52_50_racaireGreat news! I just finished my Craft with Racaire – Project #1 – needle-roll #1.

…and I took more than plenty pictures for some nice tutorials for you. Pictures like the ones of how I assembled the needle-roll and how I made this small tassels. They are just waiting for me to turn them into some nice tutorials for you. :)

My project #2 is also already finished – my gaming pouch for my 14th century backgammon game box – I just need to take some pictures of the finished pouch for you as soon as I find some time for it.

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Craft with Racaire – Needle-roll #1 & German Brick Stitch Pattern #2


Embroidery comes rather naturally to me but I learned during my last 9 years of blogging, holding classes at SCA events and explaining techniques to friends that unfortunately not everyone is also as fortunate.

In the past this was just one more reason for me to make tutorials and to share my knowledge and my technique “insights” on my blog. As long as I can handle a camera, a tablet and a computer I won’t stop doing it, I promise. Nevertheless, as some people could tell you who already met me in real life, I just love “talking” about my craft & hobby. Posting on my blog is just another way to talk about my craft. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy to be posting again after the break where my blog was offline. During the last days I was working at putting this posting together for you – even while I was sitting in the underground or tramway on my way through Vienna… *lol*


Wile I was working at the following German Brick Stitch pattern chart for my pattern #2, I thought about which extra information I could provide you. Information that could make it easier for you to get started with German Brick Stitch.

Well, I remembered some rather common mistakes which even happen to me from time to time when I don’t pay attention. As well as the small tricks I developed for myself while I was working at several German Brick Stitch projects during the last years.


Therefore I decided to go a little further than just giving you a German Brick Stitch Pattern chart. To also to provide you with information how to read it, to get started and what you can do to ease your life while you are working at it and how you can speed up your embroidery a little…

I think it is important to like what you do to create lovely embroidery. Knowledge can help against the usual frustration points many beginners to embroidery face while they are working at embroidery. I am sure that also you know some projects of this kind – projects put aside for later, already many years ago, or just forgotten or neglected…

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