Scriptorium – my Kings Champion scroll for coronation :)

…and finally a picture of the Kings Champion “scroll” which His Majesty Bryce commissioned for coronation:

2017-04 - Racaire - coronation - scroll - winner kings champion tournament - SCA - kingdom of MeridiesThis is the second “viking scroll”, as I call them, which I made so far.

…and apropos second “viking scroll” – maybe you remember my very first “viking scroll” for Kail’s knighting. Ok, I admit that Kail’s knighting scroll turned out so much better than I initially thought but I am still quite surprised about the fact that I was commissioned with not only one but two “viking scrolls” till now. *lol* I really can’t repeat it often enough – this is not my field of expertise! *lol*
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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5.3 – some gold thread embellishment for the border of the rose leaf :)

The days are rushing by and another week is coming to its end. Yeah, the weekend is close and I know quite too well that I have less and less time left for my super secret embroidery project. But that’s fine as I am making really good progress. In fact I am just some days away from finishing the main part of the project – the embroidery – which normally takes the longest…

And I will need any day I can spare for the other project on my to do list before Gulf Wars. No, it’s not another sewing project for my husband or I for war. I promised to make a scroll for one of the tournaments at Gulf Wars and the design I chose will take it’s time. But, well, February just started and I should have plenty of time to get both projects done before the event. *knock on wood*  Continue reading

More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5.2 – some gold thread embellishment for the border of the rose leaf :)

2016-12 - Racaire - Talinas 14th century hood - roses - leaves - rose leaf - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCA - gold thread

Woohoo! I am working on a super secret project at the moment! 😀

…and though I can’t really share any information or progress pictures concerning the new project until it’s finished and the recipient got it, you really don’t need to worry that I might take a break from posting until the project is finished. On the contrary! I took so many pictures of my recent embroidery and sewing projects that I can keep you quite busy until I can finally reveal my new, super secret project. 🙂

Which brings me right to the topic of todays posting. In my last two postings I showed you my two work steps concerning the silk shading embroidery for the rose leaves for my friends 14th century hood (rose leaf silk shading step 1 & rose leaf silk shading step 2).

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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5.1 – the rose leaf embroidery or my first “silk shading” :)

hand embroidery - sca - 14th century hood - silk shading - silk embroideryIn my last posting “More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5 – the rose leaf embroidery or my first “silk shading” 🙂” I showed you how I established the foundation for the silk shading technique by creating an initial layer along the outer border of one of my rose leaves.

And today we are going to take a look at the second step concerning the rose leaf and the above mentioned silk shading technique.

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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5 – the rose leaf embroidery or my first “silk shading” :)

Racaire - hand embroidery - rose leaf embroidery - roses - silk shading techniqueI wish you all a happy new year!
And hope that you had a good and enjoyable “slide” from the old year into the new one, as we tend to say in Austria! 😀

Looking retrospectively at the last year, it amazes me how fast 2016 actually went by. The last year was very busy, as it was filled with many different projects, research, learning, a lot of laughter and love but also some tears as some of us had to say good bye to some dear friends and family members…

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…and playing around with wire – some new trees of life :)

2016-12 - Racaire - wire projects - trees of life - tree of life - largesse - small gifts Woohoo! Just a few days are left till christmas! 😀

But before I show you what I made for my husband, I’d like to share with you some cute little wire projects at which I was working during the last days. Yeah, I was playing around with wire again and made some new trees of life…

But don’t worry, I didn’t give up embroidery. The skin on my hands just got a little bit rough due to cold weather and work which prohibits me from working with my fine silk thread. However, I got some good, nurturing hand cream and hope that the skin of my hands will be nice and smooth again in no time. 🙂

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…special christmas gifts for family & friends – more hand painted christmas ornaments… :D

2016-12 - Racaire - hand painted personalized christmas ornaments - special christmas gifts for family and friendsChristmas is nearly upon us! But I don’t really worry about it anymore as I should have all christmas presents covered now! Yeah, I just managed to finish another three christmas ornaments! And if I didn’t miscount, I have all christmas presents for closest family and friends covered by now… 😀

Making the very first three hand painted christmas ornaments was so relaxing that I just couldn’t resist to make some more for family and friends. And though this kind of christmas gifts takes quite some time to make, they are such pleasant little projects. Especially as they help to also cover the friends and in-laws for which I wasn’t able to find a suitable christmas present throughout the year.

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Crazy nailbinding ideas – a nailbinded cover for my gear shifter… :)

2016-12 - Racaire - Nailbinding - nailbinded cap for gear shifter - car - crazy nailbinding ideasWooohooo! It seems like my level of crazy just hit a new level! Believe it or not – I made a nailbinded cover for the gear shifter of my car! And I love it! *lol*

Why? Well, it seemed so much easier than every other option. …and how come? Well, let’s see…

As some of you might know, I really enjoy living in a quite rural neighborhood here in Kentucky. All the trees, grass and the fresh air make quite a huge difference after living in a big city like Vienna for nearly my whole life…

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Just made some new tablet weaving cards for future tablet weaving… a cheap and easy way… :D

2016-12 - Racaire - new home made cards for tablet weaving - tablet weaving cards - SCA - hand woven trimWoohooo! I just made my very first tablet weaving cards! And now I have 54 new tablet weaving cards to play with! 😀

Well, not that I really need all these tablet weaving cards right now but I suddenly felt the urge to make some. It all started while I was working at my husbands christmas present – a new 12th century tunic. I suddenly worried that I might not have a suitable tablet woven trim to embellish my sweethearts new tunic…

Fortunately I found a lovely tablet woven trim in my stash which worked beautifully with the lovely raw silk fabric of the new tunic. However, I also noticed that my stash of tablet woven trim was growing smaller and smaller with every new tunic project for my husband. And as I just recently realized, while I was working at the black and white tablet woven band for my new silk garters, I only had a very limited amount of cards to work with.

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14th century hood for a friend – 5th rose finished! :)

2016-11 - Racaire - Talinas 14th century hood - 5th rose embroidery finished - hand embroidery - Surface couching - SCAWooohooo! I am very glad to say that I just finished another embroidered rose for my friends 14th century hood project!

Recently I was quite busy with other projects – like sewing a hood for our beautiful Queen Oda and painting a shield for my husband for the Meridian Crown Tournament – but whenever I found some idle time inbetween, I continued working on the roses for my friends 14th century hood. And it finally paid off – though it seemed to take forever, the 5th rose  is finally finished too! 
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