Back from Gulf Wars!!!! :D

*Wooohooo* I am back from Gulf Wars!

As awesome as Gulf Wars was, it is indeed great to be back home. Several days of camping is always a good reminder how great the luxury of a modern bathroom is. A bathroom which one only has to share with ones sweetheart… 

And after the cold snap during most of Gulf Wars, I now tremendously enjoy our modern heating system at home. Damn, that where some really cold nights but we made the best out of it. Garb layering was tested until it was deemed sufficient and it seemed like everyone pulled out their best furs in order to keep warm. And then there were all this wonderful camp fires around which we gathered. Many tales were told around the fire pits and also many songs were sung. I am quite sure that I am not the only one who made a lot of new amazing friends while warming up at a fire pit.
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Scriptorium – scroll for the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars finished! :D

2017-03_Racaire_scriptorium_rose-tournament-scroll_3_finishedWooohooo! The scroll for the “Rose Tournament” is finished! 😀

After all the recent postings about my progress concerning this project, I proudly present to you a picture of my finished scroll for the winner of the “Rose Tournament”. A tourney which will take place at the upcoming Gulf Wars event! 😀

Looking back it seems like I just started working on this scroll. However, I know just too well that I worked for about 2 weeks on it. It is really amazing how fast time can go by when you are concentrating on a project. Like the hours just flew by as i was adding paint and ink to the pergamenata. But all that really counts at the end is that the project is finished and that I am proud of the outcome! 😀

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Scriptorium – working on the scroll for the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars .1

2017-03_Racaire_scriptorium_rose-tourney-scroll_2…and finally, after finishing the two scrolls which were on my to-do list, as well as the artwork for the vigil book for my husbands knighting, I am able to catch some breath again. And it’s definitely time to show you more of the progress that I made concerning my most recent projects. Well, at least the progress of the projects which don’t need to remain secret until they’ve reached their recipient at war… 😉

In todays posting I am going to show you an update concerning the scroll for the winner of the rose tournament, which will be held at Gulf Wars. I’ve already posted about my very first progress concerning this scroll here: “Scriptorium – working on the scroll for the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars and some new blank scrolls…”  
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Scriptorium – working on the scroll for the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars and some new blank scrolls… :D

2017-02 - Racaire - scriptorium - rose tournament scroll progress - Gulf Wars - illumination - SCA…and now, that I got the “ok” to share my current project with you, I can spill the news and reveal what I was working on during the last days:

The scroll for the
“Rose Tournament”
at Gulf Wars! 😀

Though being asked to provide the scroll for the winner of the “Rose Tournament” at Gulf Wars – a very prestigious and great tournament – was quite a surprise for me, I felt very honored and immediately agreed to take on this task. And knowing that some of my dear friends as well as my husband will take part in this tournament – either as fighter or inspiring “rose” (former queens within the SCA who joined the Order of the Rose after their reign was over) – makes this special scroll assignment a very sweet task for me. But don’t worry – I am a quite “professional” scribe of the Kingdom of Meridies who is not biased and I promise to use my best hand to insert the name of the winner, whoever it might be… 😉

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Gulf Wars preparation & great news for my husband… :D

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
My husband was asked to join the order of the chivalry during court at War college in Alabama! 😀

It already happened more than a week ago but – gosch – this awesome news still seems so amazing and unreal to me. Like it is just too good to be true. And being the natural skeptic that I am, I might actually not believe it until it really happens… We will see… And… Omg! Omg! Omg! 

Well, sure, I hoped that this day would come eventually but when it finally happened, it completely blindsided me. I can not even imagine how surprised and excited my sweetheart was… And the way I got to know about it was quite funny and has a good potential to become one of the funny stories told around fire pits during SCA events….
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My pre-Gulf Wars 12th century sewing projects… :)

2016-03 - Racaire - 12th century dresses for Gulf WarsNow, that the pre-war stress, which normally comes along with the preparations for a huge event like Gulf Wars, is finally fading away, I find myself with enough peace and time again to catch up with my pre-war projects like this three “last minute” 12th century dresses.

Well, to be a little bit more exact – I hand-sewed a new purple 12th century overdress (the one on the left) as well as two new underdresses with Trapunto necklines and Trapunto cuffs before Gulf Wars.
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Back from Gulf Wars XXV…

racaire-conrad-03Home, sweet home! As much as I enjoyed Gulf Wars XXV, I have to say that it is really nice to be home again. 😀

Due to a very strong storm – it seems like even a microburst might had been involved which touched down very close to the site – we decided to leave the site two days early on friday. Fortunately no one on site was really injured though some people had to face the loss of their tent or equipment. My love and heart goes out to them.

I am very glad to say that my husband and I were very lucky – our tent did very well during the storm. And though most of our things were dripping wet afterwards due to the water amounts which flooded our tent, we still consider ourself very lucky. However, Gulf Wars was and always will be our most favorite event.
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…a short update – preparing for Gulf Wars and a lot of sewing… :)

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentWell, like always I am very busy working at projects but I thought it would be good to post a short update here instead of just leaving a brief comment on my facebook page.

I am sewing like crazy at the moment, as one of my favorite SCA events – Gulf Wars – is coming up soon, to make sure that I have enough to wear for the whole event. And I am very glad to say that I am one step closer to this goal as I already managed to finish one simple new white underdress with trapunto cuffs and neckline.

Not only that, I took several pictures of how I fitted the sleeves for this underdress. Furthermore I also took a lot of pictures of how I did my Trapunto cuffs and neckline because I tried a more simple technique this time.

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Embroidered patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project

“Patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project”
for my 12th century SCA wedding at Gulf Wars 2015 

Racaire & Conrad

Racaire & Conrad
2012 at the Rose Tourney – Kingdom of Midrealm

When we were planning my wedding dress, my sister Bella had a lovely idea for a great fun project:
“Patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project”

This project gives you the possibility to contribute an embroidered patch to my wedding cloak, an important part of my wedding dress ensemble. This way you can become a part of my “wedding dress project” and my wedding, if you like.

Because the temperatures at Gulf Wars during the day are rather high, some of you may wonder why I want to make and wear a wedding cloak at my wedding at Gulf Wars. 1st reason: I am not a fan of generalization but you can say that a well dressed noble 12th century lady is not completely dressed unless she wears a cloak. 2nd reason: I plan to make this cloak a part of our wedding ceremony based on some traditional period wedding traditions from the 12th century. And last but not least – I have to admit that I wanted to make a “period” cloak for my 12th century wardrobe for some years now. My wedding cloak will be a very important part of my wedding garb. You can say that my cloak will make the “12th century picture” complete on “my special day”. 🙂
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