Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery .3

Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery - medieval embroidery - hand embroidery - Fleur-de-Lis - cloister stitchYes, I know, I already wanted to start working at my Klosterstich hands-on photo tutorial but I have to admit that I just finished another small needle book with Klosterstich embroidery instead. :D

While I was getting the materials for my hands-on photo tutorial together, I realized that I still have two small patches with 14th century inspired Klosterstich embroidery which I haven’t turned into needle books yet… Continue reading

…working at another small embroidered box – sneak peek at the top embroidery…

...working at another small embroidered box - sneak peek at the top embroidery... - medieval embroidery projectToday I was working at the text for the next FAQ posting about embroidery materials. Unfortunately it takes much longer to put this new posting together than I first expected and it is still far from being complete… *sigh*

…and in already less then 2 hours my sweetheart and some good friends are kidnapping me to the SCA event “Tourney of the Foxes”.

Ok, the new posting isn’t finished yet and I should start preparing myself for a weekend event. But, well, I didn’t want to leave to “Foxes” without at least another posting for you with which you can start into your well-earned weekend. :)

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FAQ – research & medieval embroidery inspiration – some personal thoughts based on 14years of experience

2013_racaire_2Recently one of my blog members asked me a very simple but also very important question: Where shall she start her research?

Well, though this question seems to be a very simple one, the answer is by far not simple. And I really think that this is actually one of the most simple but also most interesting questions I was ever asked about my work.

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Klosterstich technique handout – revisited :D

Klosterstich technique handout - revisited - medieval embroidery - medieval hand embroidery techniqueAs some of you might already know, the German Klosterstich technique is one of my most favorite medieval embroidery techniques. And today I proudly present my revised Klosterstich technique handout to you. :D

I am very happy to say that this is just the beginning of a nice series of posting about the Klosterstich technique. Although I already posted about my very first 14th century “Fleur-de-Lis” embroidery pattern for Klosterstich some time ago, I assure you that the journey just begins.

This technique handout shows you the basics of the Klosterstich technique and is just another step on our way into the beautiful and amazing world of medieval embroidery.
I really hope that you will enjoy this technique as much as I do soon, even if it might need some further help and instructions. Please don’t give up – the technique just looks difficult but it really isn’t difficult at all. :D

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Racaire’s wedding cloak project – an embroidered patch from the SCA Barony of Styringheim in Drachenwald :D

And again I got another beautiful embroidered patch for my wedding cloak project! :D

Racaire’s wedding cloak project – a lovely embroidered patch from the SCA Barony of Styringheim (Gotland, Sweden) in Drachenwald - medieval hand embroidery by Grima in Rauda

This time I present to you a beautiful hand embroidered patch for my 12th century wedding cloak project by courtesy of lady Grima in Rauda.

This patch was hand embroidered by the talented lady Grima in Rauda. She sent this beautiful hand embroidered patch from the SCA Barony Styringheim situated in the Principality of Nordmark, a part of the beautiful SCA Kingdom of Drachenwald. :D

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Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery .2

Racaire - 2014 - Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery - hand embroidery - medieval embroideryReady for another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery? …and in the mood for a hand embroidered medieval 14th century rose?

Well, that’s great because I have a cute combination of both for you today. :D

Again I turned one of the recently embroidered Klosterstich patches into a small needle book for my Travel & Largesse Fund. I think this needle book is even more beautiful that the needle book which I finished yesterday. …but well, I am biased, therefore decide yourself. ;)

And here the picture of my new needle book with the 14th century Klosterstich rose – enjoy! :D
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Another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery .1

Racaire 2014 - another needle book with Klosterstich embroidery - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - cloister stitch embroidery techniqueI am very glad to say that I just finished another new needle book with Klosterstich embroidery. :)

You remember my sneak peeks at my most recent Klosterstich embroidery? Well, I already turned one of this small patches with Klosterstich embroidery and some leftover wool fabric into a new needle book.

This new needle book looks really cute. It is definitely a great addition to my Travel & Largesse Fund.

…and now  – enjoy the pictures of my new needle book with Klosterstich embroidery! :D

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14th century Fleur-de-lis embroidery pattern for Klosterstich

2014_Racaire-medieval-embroidery_Klosterstich_needle-bookYou maybe remember my recent posting about my “needle books with 14th century inspired Fleur-de-Lis embroidery worked in Klosterstich“.

As some of you might also remember, I promised to put together a 14th century Fleur-de-Lis embroidery pattern handout for the Fleur-de-Lis pattern I used for this needle books and here it is now… :D

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