…special christmas gifts – some hand painted christmas ornaments… :D

2016-12 - Racaire - hand painted christmas ornaments - special hand made christmas gifts…and a sneak peek for you at my very first hand painted christmas ornaments… 😀

I have to admit that this posting was quite an inner struggle for me. Should I keep my special christmas gifts a secret or shall I post a picture of them to inspire other fellow crafters?

Well, it’s quite obvious that the urge to inspire others finally got the upper hand. I am just too proud of the outcome to not share it! *giggle*

Maybe you remember the short note about the glass ornaments which I found at a local crafting store in my recent “…christmas is coming…” posting. When I saw these glass ornaments for the very first time, I had just a basic idea of what I could do with them. And sometimes a basic inspiration like this is all one needs to start a new crafting project…

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…christmas is coming…

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01Well, well, well,… As my husbands status reports on facebook remind me – christmas is just 25 shopping days away. *lol* But I have absolutely no reason to panic yet as my plans for christmas presents are already set. 😀

Like every year I will bake a huge amount of cookies for friends & family and make a new tunic for my sweetheart. And not only that – I found some glass ornaments at a local crafting store and might try to paint them. Yeah, just a little side project in case that the mood strikes me and I get bored… 😉

Yes, I admit it, I prefer to give away handmade gifts whenever it is possible. It seems like we are living in such a fast moving time that I consider handmade gifts one of the most precious presents one can give because it takes some of your personal time to make them. And not many things are more valuable nowadays than your own time…
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A new shield for my husband for the Meridian Crown Tournament :)

2016-11 - Racaire - Conrad vom Schwarzwald - Meridian Crown Tournament - by David Fricker - Conrads new shield - SCA

Photo courtesy by David Fricker – more of his pictures  from the event can be found here: Fall Crown List

I am so tremendously excited!
It took nearly a week but I finally managed to finish my husbands new shield for the Meridian Crown Tournament just in time.

You should have seen his face whenever he talked about his new shield – like a kid with an awesome new toy. But we have a rule here at home, however awesome any new gear is, it’s not allowed to be brought to bed… Yeah, there is no snuggling with new gauntlets or shields in the bed… 😉

And well, my sweethearts new shield and the awesome Crown Tournament event were not the only highlights this very recent weekend. Thursday night someone suddenly knocked at our door and you won’t believe who it was – it was my awesome sister Bella! 
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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .3 – my surface couching embroidery for the center of the roses…

2016-07 - Racaire - 14th century hood - roses - rose - surface couching hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCA - surface couchingIt took some time but today I finally have my third part of my rose embroidery tutorial ready for you. Todays posting will show you how I used Surface Couching to embroider the central section of the roses for my friends 14th century hood. 😀

But before we get to the embroidery tutorial, I would like to write a little about the last days and weeks as they were quite a journey for me. As some of you might recall from my recent postings, I was taking one test after another to qualify for my GED diploma. And though all these tests drained me mentally, I am excited to tell that all the hard work and concentration finally worked out. I managed to pass all my tests with a good or excellent score and should receive my GED diploma per mail within the next two weeks.
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Racaire… events, events, events and mundane life… working on my GED… :D

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01Wow! What a week! Or well, to be more exact, what amazing but also a little bit stressful weeks we just had. There were three great events in a row which neither my husband nor I wanted to miss. And we ended up going to all of them.

After the first event I actually forgot to unpack my clean cloths and just used the already packed bag for the next event. Yeah, that happens when a girl just can’t decide what to wear on the weekend and has a certain system to organize the clean clothing in one bag and all laundry in the her husbands bag after the event… Yeah, I am doing that too long, I know… My crazy already has a very special system behind it… 😉

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A new laptop – migrating, re-sorting and cleaning up my files and photos…

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentAfter my beloved MacBook died last week and I just got my new laptop, I promised myself to go through, re-sort and clean up all of my files when I migrate them to my new computer…
Well, let me put it this way – I am kinda regretting this idea but on the other side I have to admit to myself that this work is really necessary to be able to actually find something in my files – or at least to find it easier and faster…

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Back from Gulf Wars XXV…

racaire-conrad-03Home, sweet home! As much as I enjoyed Gulf Wars XXV, I have to say that it is really nice to be home again. 😀

Due to a very strong storm – it seems like even a microburst might had been involved which touched down very close to the site – we decided to leave the site two days early on friday. Fortunately no one on site was really injured though some people had to face the loss of their tent or equipment. My love and heart goes out to them.

I am very glad to say that my husband and I were very lucky – our tent did very well during the storm. And though most of our things were dripping wet afterwards due to the water amounts which flooded our tent, we still consider ourself very lucky. However, Gulf Wars was and always will be our most favorite event.
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Snow & electronic devices… *sigh*

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01Well, I am normally not a big fan of new years resolutions but I decided to post more often and also more about my mundane life in the future. And instead of going for short wall posts on my facebook page I thought it might actually be helpful to express my thoughts here in a far more complex way… I hope it might make it easier for me to write and post in English as I am still not completely comfortable with it, though my husband ensures me that my English is getting better and has actually already improved a lot. 🙂

After the last weeks of extraordinary warm and pleasing temperatures, the winter finally reached our southern part of Kentucky and covered everything with a beautiful layer of snow. Well, as I don’t need to drive anyway, I find it quite beautiful though some of my friends might find it quite annoying – especially on their way to and from work… However, please drive careful! 🙂

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…a short update – preparing for Gulf Wars and a lot of sewing… :)

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentWell, like always I am very busy working at projects but I thought it would be good to post a short update here instead of just leaving a brief comment on my facebook page.

I am sewing like crazy at the moment, as one of my favorite SCA events – Gulf Wars – is coming up soon, to make sure that I have enough to wear for the whole event. And I am very glad to say that I am one step closer to this goal as I already managed to finish one simple new white underdress with trapunto cuffs and neckline.

Not only that, I took several pictures of how I fitted the sleeves for this underdress. Furthermore I also took a lot of pictures of how I did my Trapunto cuffs and neckline because I tried a more simple technique this time.

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